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Launched in France in 2017, Next Concert is revolutionising how we access unmissable events. To get tickets for your favourite artist’s upcoming concert, there are two (often tricky) bridges to cross: staying up to date and actually managing to get tickets. It’s not always straightforward! So we came up with the solution to the common problem and voilà, Next Concert was born!

Our team is made up of over fifty music fiends working within a close-knit start-up specialised in the ticketing industry. Our job includes following and writing about everything going on in the music industry and ensuring fans get their dream concert tickets. Together, we open the doors on tomorrow’s live music. We hope you enjoy using Next Concert and are as passionate about unforgettable concerts as we are!

Get to know our team

Charlotte - Musical Monitor

They say she's a member of the Night's Watch. Constantly on the lookout for new information, Charlotte knows every trick in the book when it comes to the music scene.

Max - Live Events Analyst

Next Concert's very own Sherlock Holmes, Max leads the daily inquiry like a true live music detective.

Laura - Marketing

Behind her screen, she's the face of our community. If you're looking for Laura, she's most probably in the middle of finding out the latest news on your favourite artist.

Elisa and Alice - Customer Service

There for our customers all day long, they have the answers to all of your questions. Their job is making life easier for others.

Alex - Buyer

Constantly on the phone with event organisers or in the process of reserving your tickets, Alex and his team’s primary concern is making sure that each customer gets their dream concert tickets.

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