How does Next Concert work?

Our service makes it a point of honour to secure your tickets for large-scale concerts. Our teams act as agents and take care of obtaining your tickets, on your behalf. Your reservation takes place in 3 steps: 1) You book our services in advance.2) At the official announcement you choose and reserve your seats, your order is then validated.3) At the public sale our teams buy your tickets.To find out more, visit our "How it works?" page.

What do you mean by "when the event is announced"?

This is when the organisers announce the event to the general public.

What do you mean by "when the event goes on sale" and "general onsale"?

This is the date when the event goes on sale on primary ticket platforms.

What are "VIP offers"?

In cases where we can offer VIP packages for the event you selected, we are committed to let you know promptly. Our team will get in touch with you and give you all the information about service details and prices to make the most out of your concert experience!