Secured payment explained

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Secure websites use a http protocol

When you place an order with our service, your confidential information is kept on a highly secure system meaning you can make your payment with total peace of mind.

Stripe offers secure and powerful payment tools for e comerce websites worldwide.

Payment method (credit card only)

The following cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Inputting your card’s visual cryptogram (the 3-digit security card appearing on the back) means that the security system is further enhanced.

Your personal information and bank details are not kept after your payment on our service and neither is the data relating to your bank card’s visual cryptogram (or CVV2).

To fight against fraud, we use the 3D-Secure verification method. When your bank supports this verification method, you identify yourself as a credit card holder by entering a security code provided by your bank.

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SSL Encryption
Pay with confidence: your personal details are kept secure thanks to SSL encryption technology.