The artist's return or ticket prices are not yet announced? We are aware of this, it is the very essence of our offer
What's the point then? With Next Concert, you can safely plan for his return and facilitate the future receipt of your tickets


You have a retractation period of 14 days after validating your order. In the event that we are unable to carry out the mission, we will reimburse you in full.

Get your tickets more easily

Next Concert allows you to serenely prepare the return of your favorite artist by making it easier for you to get your tickets.

Forget about onsale stress

Leave behind all the problems during official onsales (tickets sold out in 3 minutes, waiting lines, buggy site...). We take care of everything for you.

Your show's cancelled? 100% refund of the value of the tickets
Official Tickets
Every ticket is unique and guarantees you access to the event.
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